Our Commitment to our heroes

We always strive to give exceptional customer service by:

  • Following our 10 commandments
  • Exploring every procurement option with you to ensure you're leveraging all available opportunities and avoiding any potential pitfalls
  • Exploring all products or service options to ensure what you are getting is what you want and need
  • Responding to requests within 2 hours
  • Providing quotes or updates on quotes within 24 hours
  • Always trying to accommodate a return or exchange, regardless of the timeline

We always have multiple options for procurement channels, and we constantly add to our capabilities on a regular basis. At the time of your request, if we do not have one you can utilize, we will put you in contact with a vendor that can support your requirement(s).

  • GSA Advantage, GSA Ebuy, Fedmall, GPC, Sole-Source Contract, Competitive Contract, Open Market Purchase

We are constantly adding Products / Manufacturers to ensure we have the right relationships in place needed to fulfill your requirement.

  • We align ourselves with the right manufacturers who understand the level of customer support we need to take care of our heroes
  • We treat our Manufacturers/Suppliers just like we do our customers which ensures open lines of communication. From standard lead times, to overnight shipments, to custom work, we work together through every step of the process
  • Every industry has their fair share of manufacturers that just do not communicate well or that have unpredictable lead times, etc. We identify these suppliers and communicate that information to our customers so that have realistic expectations throughout the process and understand when the lead time changes, or it takes longer to get status, etc. It’s all about communication!

We stay current on all rules, regulations, and guidelines set forth by Federal, State and local entities

  • Our in-depth knowledge of the General Services Administration (GSA) and DoD Fedmall contracts allows us to support our customers in every step of their procurement process
  • We follow trends with the budget to support our heroes make educated decisions when forecasting for requirements and finding the best procurement channels.

We will always work around the clock to ensure you get the right products at the best possible price!

  • To ensure our customers are given every available option
  • We have a full support and purchasing staff dedicated and trained on sourcing for the US Government. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure all needs are being met.
  • We have a deep understanding of NSNs and the stock system which is used as a tool for many of our customers to get items they need. This helps ensures that our end users get the right information to decide on what to procure.

We are constantly asking for feedback from our customers and then creating solutions for the problems/concerns. Below is a list of solutions we created to alleviate problems/concerns that were brought to our attention.

Problem: Suppliers Not Understanding the Requirements/Restrictions
Solution: We created a 5-step Personalization Process
  • Evaluate command/unit - What you do, who you support, who is a part of your team, and what are their roles?
  • Assess past procurement - How have your procured things in the past, and what issues did you have, etc.?
  • Identify issues/concerns - What concerns do you have about doing business with contractors in general?
  • Review personalized options - What are your procurement options, set-aside needs, timeline requirements, etc.?
  • Take Action - Once we know what you need, we will get to work right away!
Problem: Fear of Price Gouging
Solution: 100% Transparency & Price Check Policy
  • Concerned with pricing? We will gladly show you our cost along with competitive or comparison pricing to give you the confidence you need to move forward with your purchase/contract award.
Problem: Lack of Communication
Solution: Communication Policy
  • There are 2 account managers assigned to every command/unit/contracting office for continuity and coverage.
  • There are automated shipment notifications for all orders to keep you in the loop.
  • We create custom status reports based on your requirements and what would make your life easier.
  • We have a 24/7 emergency phone line. You can’t clock out while serving our country, so we don’t clock out while serving you.
Problem: Hitting Set-Aside Goals
Solution: We've Got Them All
  • A single contract with Shore Solutions gives your agency credit toward all 4 set-aside goals

Our mission is to better the lives of the heroes we serve by delivering superior solutions for their everyday needs and that is what we strive to accomplish every day. Remember, if you want a Company you can trust, then Shore Solutions is a must!