A Letter From Shore's CEO

Liz Vanzuela, CEO

Shore Solutions, Inc. provides Acquisition Assistance and Procurement Advice by utilizing our Contracting Expertise and Superb Network of Vendor Relationships to be the premier Solutions Provider in the Federal Marketplace.

We specialize in Tactical Gear, Maintenance & Repair Items, Medical Equipment, Office Supplies, and even Furniture. If you have a requirement we can probably fulfill it!

The main thing that customers want is someone who understands their needs. Which isn’t as simple as it seems. There is no substitute for human interaction. In order to truly grasp, at a fundamental level, what the end-user’s requirements are, one must communicate effectively.

Sometimes your job is just to help your customer avoid or just recognize the pitfalls associated with a specified procurement decision. What are the short and long-term repercussions? What is the financial and more importantly, the Operational impact of a given decision? This level of deep understanding isn’t possible without a sincere effort to collaborate by both parties.

The second-most important thing isn’t price, which most assume. It’s Value.

As a Customer-Oriented Company, we have supreme confidence in our ability to leverage our competitive edge and provide a level of Customer Service that our end-user won’t find anywhere else, guaranteed. Because that is our Mandate; Our Core Values allow no less than our very best effort!

And finally, we focus on keeping quality customers for Life. That means that as these end-users transfer from one Organization to the next, we go along for the ride with them. And our Loyal Base grows exponentially every year.