SBA 8(a) Program

Simplified Contracting with Shore Solutions using the SBA 8(a) Program!


What is the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Program?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program was designed to simplify the federal procurement process for certified business participants, such as Shore Solutions. The 8(a) Program was developed to enable federal government Program Managers to save time, effort and cost in the procurement process and to protect the interest of small business concerns. Overall, this program serves to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.

With projects up to $4 million, the 8(a) Program allows for direct contracting without a lengthy competitive process. This allows a project to begin in a timely manner. In speeding up the process, time sensitive projects can get started in days instead of months.

Why use an 8(a) Contract vehicle?

Choosing Shore Solutions allows your organization to work directly with a company that is both experienced and efficient in procurement, logistics, and supply chain solutions.

The benefits of using an 8a contract vehicle include:

  • Significantly faster procurement process – get the products you need or start the project in a few days instead of a few months
  • Lower overhead costs – there are no additional fees with 8(a) contracts.
  • Streamlined approach to the project – cut out the lengthy competitive process and deal with one supplier from start to finish.
  • Ability to procure both goods and services – the process is the same regardless of the scope of work

How to Use an 8a Contract

Following are the steps to use the SBA 8(a) Program to work with Shore Solutions.

Step 1: Define scope of project

Step 2: Send offer letter/letter of intent to an SBA district officer (A template or sample can be provided, if needed)

The written acceptance letter to award procurement to Shore Solutions should be sent to Mr. John Engstrom our Business Opportunity Specialist (BOS) at the SBA, via email to You may also contact him directly at (619) 727- 4872. Please include the following in the letter:

  • A description of the products being purchased or the work to be performed.
  • An estimated period of performance, if applicable.
  • The NAICS code that applies to the principal nature of the acquisition
  • The anticipated dollar value of the requirement, including options, if any
  • The type of contract to be awarded, such as firm fixed price, or time and materials
  • Identification of the specific Participant (Shore Solutions) that the procuring activity contracting officer nominates for award of a sole source 8(a) contract.

Step 3: SBA will accept the offer within 2-4 days of receiving the offer letter/letter of intent for contracts valued at or below $4M, and within 3 to 10 days for contracts valued above $4M.

Step 4: The KO can now solicit the proposal, conduct negotiations and award the contract directly to the 8(a) firm.

For Questions or Comments, Please feel free to contact Shore Solutions at 619-434-2775 or email us at